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Ways to Preserve Your Memories

Memories are so special to us. Sometimes all we can take from our most memorable experiences are little fragments, like keepsakes and photos. Here are some ways you can preserve those precious memories.

Shadowbox Your Keepsakes

Things like tickets, dried flowers, and items that don’t lay flat are perfect for shadowbox preservation. Some examples include keeping petals from bouquets of flowers and creating a filled box or seashells from beach trips.

Commission Resin Art

There are artists on sites like Etsy who will take things like pet’s fur, a lost loved one’s ashes, or flowers from a special occasion and preserve them in resin for things like decorations, jewelry, and other things to keep your memories close to you.

Photo Album of Photos Taken on Your Phone

In a digital age, it’s easy to take hundreds of photos on your phone and then never look at them again. You can get your photos printed and then spend time looking over your memories when you put them into a photo album.

It’s nice to have tangible reminders of memories, but an important part of preserving memories is also taking care of your brain. Our favourite supplement to help with cognitive function and memory retention is GenBioChem® Memory 60 Capsules | natural-rf ( Stay safe and healthy!


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