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Summer Snacks That Help Your Immunity

As the heat turns up, it’s important to take care of your body. Staying hydrated is key when warm weather hits because you sweat more, which can easily lead to dehydration. In addition to cool sips of water, there are some foods you can eat that will help with your immunity as well, since the sun’s UV rays can affect your immunity negatively.

Frozen Blueberries

An easy snack for the beach or a picnic, blueberries are filled with antioxidants and vitamins. Popping them in the freezer is a great way to create a cold and refreshing snack. In addition, blueberries can even help your memory and brain function (kind of like our favourite memory supplement, GenBioChem® Memory 60 Capsules)

Yogurt Popsicles

Using a high probiotic yogurt to create yogurt popsicles is a great way to keep cool this summer. You can find popsicle molds online or at your local grocery store. Yogurt can help your immune system with active cultures that help fight off disease. You can even add different types of fruit or dark chocolate chips to give it an extra kick!

Iced Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants and can help increase the number of regulatory T-cells in your body, giving an extra boost to fight off infection and disease. When you drink it cold, it can be a nice refreshing drink when lounging this summer.

In addition to all of the above, it’s important to supplement your diet if you feel you are missing out on key nutrients that will help your immune system. Our favourite is GenBioChem® Immunity. Stay safe and healthy!



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