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Our Products
Our Products
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relieves outdoor and indoor allergies in all seasons

The Only Clinically Proven Natural Health Product for Seasonal and Environmental Allergies In Canada
  • Multi-Symptom Relief  
  • Fast Acting
  • Non-drowsy
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is used in Herbal Medicine as an adaptogen to maintain a healthy immune system. 

Each capsule of GenBioChem® Immunity is formulated with 200 mg of proprietary 5:1 extract PBG-002 from the root of Panax quinquefolius (American ginseng) and 0.35 mg zinc acetate. Available in either 60 or 150 capsules. 

GenBioChem® Immunity targets:

  • People with a weakened immune system due to poor health or age

  • People susceptible to flus and other infections

  • People recovering from a long-term and/or serious illness

  • People who experience chronic physical and mental stress and lack of sleep

  • People undergoing intensive exercise regimen or athletic training

  • People who want to maintain a healthy immune system

helps to enhance cognitive function and memory.

Each capsule of GenBioChem® Memory is formulated with 100 mg of a proprietary extract PBG-001 from the root of Panax quinquefolius (North American ginseng) containing 16. 5% ginsenosides and 60 mg of a standardized extract PBG-003 from the leaf of Ginkgo biloba containing 24.0% flavone glycosides and 6.0% total terpene lactones

GenBioChem® Memory targets:

  • People with age-related memory loss

  •  Students looking to improve cognition

  •  People looking to slow the effects of neurodegeneration

Our Partner
Our Partner

researches and manufactures cutting-edge natural health products

PBG BioPharma Inc. utilizes its proprietary GenBioChem™ Triple Fingerprinting Technology to combine biological and chemical fingerprinting testing with blood-based mRNA genomic signatures assessment technology in order to deliver products with the highest purity, best potency, and top quality to you. 
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